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BBN Light Fleece Fleece Arm Warmers RED

Our range of cycle kit is designed to provide comfort, high quality and look good, using the best of fabrics.

The new 2022 design Arm Warmers match perfectly to your Blackburn kit looks. Fleece-lined for extra winter warmth and modern,  and helps identify you as a valued member of Blackburn Cycling Club. Your Fleece-lined Arm Warmers are fade-free and made from high performance Fleece fabric to keep you warm without overheating.


These Arm Warmers are suitable for even the most dedicated cyclists for keeping you warm when out riding/racing or endurance riding and fit easily into a rear pocket of your BBN Wind Vest, once the sun has come out.

BBN Light Fleece Fleece Arm Warmers RED

  • We hope you don’t have the misfortune to damage your kit through accident, but if you do, we offer a heavily reduced cost for replacement, anytime in the first 12 Months, even as a result of a race accident!


    Simply advise us of the items and sizes that are damaged and we will send details on how to order at a price reduced by 40% and how to return the damaged items to us


    Please understand there may be a delay if the items are not available from our stock

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