2017 BikeGearNow Wind Vest

Our Premium Range of cycle kit is designed to provide comfort and a tight aero race fit.

Available in Mens and Womens cuts, and costing a little more, performance is up there with the best brands around, yet still great value.
Wind Vests are constructed from a combination of three fabrics, providing exceptional wind protection, with vented side panels & upper back, and 3 rear pockets, for top performance and a great look.

They are a special lightweight construction, to fold up quite small,  making for easy storage in a jersey rear pocket if the day warms up.

Personal choice can influence your choice of size, so we offer a no-cost change-over if you feel a different size will fit better.

 We hope you don’t have the misfortune to damage your kit through accident, but if you do, we offer a half price* replacement anytime in the first 12 Months, even as a result of a race accident

*Half price at time of claim' See Warranty for details

2017 BikeGearNow Wind Vest