BikeGearNow Premium Team Bib Knicks

Our Premium Cycle Kit is designed to provide comfort and a tight aero race fit.

Performance is right up there with the best brands around, yet offers great value.
The Knicks come with our favorite Italian pad, ideal for both short, fast criteriums and long endurance races, plus quality dense lycra fabric and wide leg grippers (most comfortable we have ever worn), that suit even those unable to wear the original silicone-style grippers that have been around for ever. Suits tall riders or those favouring current long leg style

We offer a no-cost change-over if you feel a different size will fit better. We want you to have the perfect knicks so you can enjoy the perfect ride.

BikeGearNow Premium Bib Knicks

  • Every cyclist wants to feel comfortable when riding, be it a short, easy trip or a full day in the saddle.

    Without doubt, the biggest influencing factor is the comfort of your knicks. They need be a neat fit, with leg grippers that holds in place, but don't strangle your legs. High quality lycra helps keep everything in place, looks good and provides privacy. Shoulder Straps that have sufficient stretch ensure your knicks stay in place with no fuss.

    Finally, the Pad. There are numerous pad manufacturers around the world and pad have become very technical these days. They need to provide ample padding, but not feel too bulky, be anatomically shaped on either side to avoid chaffing, vented to allow adequate cooling and long-lasting.

    Without doubt the very best pads are Made In Italy. There are some good Asian Pads about, but none that match the best Italian manufacturers. There is a reason that some of the best-known clothing manufacturer around the world might use China for manufacturing, but insist on genuine Italian Pads. Cytech. drPad and TMF and Dolomiti are the dominant brands in the demanding Pro Peloton.

    Insist on genuine Italian Pads as there are fakes about and whilst the genuine articles are more expensive, they will be more comfortable, last longer and add little to the price of a pair of quality knicks.

  •  We hope you don’t have the misfortune to damage your kit through accident, but if you do, we offer a half price* replacement anytime in the first 12 Months, even as a result of a race accident! Who else offers that?

    *Half price at time of claim' See Warranty for details